Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gamma Sem 2: The Isle Of Man

This is my second attempt on motion graphics/character animation. We had to create an animation based on certain visual style, and i chose Celtic art but I used the Vikings to interpret my story instead. Oh well, here are some images.

These are the sketches i did

And this is the thumbnail storyboard. Not final. Hahaha. Sorry for the mistake.

and this is the concept board

I just realised that there's alot of compressing problem with my video.
so that will be put up on hold. sorry... :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gamma Sem 1 : Lotus Bride - Motion Graphic

This is my first 2d/2d motion graphic. The story is based on a korean folktale of a young lady being sacrificed to the Water God for rain. The lotus is said to be the alternate form of the Water God. Hence, the Lotus Bride.

Here are some images, some of them are distorted during uploading, not sure why. PLease ignore the distortion and just try to focuz on the story illustration.

Here is my storyboard

And here is my best screenshots

Now, for the actual product.

Sigh. Finally. It takes so long to upload this video.

Software used:
Autodesk Maya 8.5 ,
Adobe After Effects CS3,
Illustrator CS3

Gamma: Sumolah trailer

Yarrrr we had to do trailer for local movies. Lazy wana explain la cuz it's so last minute. SO many compression problems. So here goes with Sumolah Trailer. ENZOI.

Gamma: Head Model

Ah... finally reached my current year but this was done in my first sem which was last year. WE had to model our heads. I modeled my head and it looked like me before i textured it. But after i textured it, which i got carried away with the bump map, my eyes looked different.ahahah. blame kylie for her music video as a geisha. Her make up was awesome.

Total front



frontal again

Sigh. Apa ni.Lol.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beta (1st Year) Sem 3: Visual Effects :D

We had a few exercises in class on how to superimpose pictures and these are the pictures that were given and we had to superimpose ourselves or other ppl in it. It's a first attempt so be gentle. :P Can you find who is a fraud? I'm sure you can.

Found it yet?

How bout this?

The answer will be at the end of this post :D

Anyway, here's a matte painting that i did as well. We had to take an existing picture that is recognisable for us and change it completely to a different environment.

This is the staff room area in my faculty building.
And this is what it turned out to be after 'minor' changes.


Actually this is the same pic as the above, but for some reason the colour came out like that. Looks nice too.

The next one is a a video based assignment. We did the whole green screen process. keying and masking etc. My bg was suppose to be sumkind of a nocturnal museum with chairs sticking out from the ceiling.. but lack of time to create it, so i used a random pic of nice fresco paintings. The character finds an interesting fresco wall that appears to be something he did not expect and had fun with it. What could it be?

Let's take a look, shall we?

Yeah it's not that great la..Got quite alot of obvious flaws..
But i enjoyed VFX though it's hard to troubleshoot.

Answer to who is the fraud:
The guy in parental advisory t-shirt
and the girl in pink with the bag.

Thanks for viewing.

Beta (1st Year) Sem 2: Motion Graphics

This post is bout what i learned with motion graphics,2d only. We can only touch 2d for the first year. I don't know where is my first assignment; a collage from magazine cutouts with acetate as our layers. This is my second collage assignment, we had to create the collage based on a music genre, and i thought of Bossa Funk. And this was the digitized version. The original colour was quite different.(Im still looking for my original file. will post when found.)

Tada. Well, it's not as nice as my first one. Sigh, stil looking. Anyway, my 2 vids are created using After Effects. The first one is typography; to create a motion graphic, the second one is a motion graphic based on an event. I chose Harvest Festival. Enjoy!


ignore the ending for the second vid. Time was very short.Had to finish quickly. Sigh..

Beta (1st Year) Sem 1: Character Animation

This is the first character animation that i did in 2d during my first year. This was actually done frame by frame and placed in ToonBoom with slight adjustments. We were asked to create a bouncing ball and then change the last few seconds to how ever we liked.

The next one is a mixmedia animation between hand drawn frame-by-frame animation with stop motion using a beginner dslr camera. We were required to create a character for our 2nd assignment after the bouncing ball and for our final we had to use our created character to make an animation. So, these are some sketches on my character's poses.

Meet Toka, the Toaster Cat.

Front, Side and profile angle

Toka's daily regime; drink cocoa, scratch ear and sitting down daydreaming..
I like the fat layers on his stomach..

This is Toka running, sleeping, resting on his back and sitting lookin up..

And these are the drawings that suppose to appear on stop motion animation of my toasted bread. Now here is the final product.It doesn't do much. Just dancing and toasting his bread friends. LOL. Enjoy!

I want an actual toaster cat.