Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beta (1st Year) Sem 2: Motion Graphics

This post is bout what i learned with motion graphics,2d only. We can only touch 2d for the first year. I don't know where is my first assignment; a collage from magazine cutouts with acetate as our layers. This is my second collage assignment, we had to create the collage based on a music genre, and i thought of Bossa Funk. And this was the digitized version. The original colour was quite different.(Im still looking for my original file. will post when found.)

Tada. Well, it's not as nice as my first one. Sigh, stil looking. Anyway, my 2 vids are created using After Effects. The first one is typography; to create a motion graphic, the second one is a motion graphic based on an event. I chose Harvest Festival. Enjoy!


ignore the ending for the second vid. Time was very short.Had to finish quickly. Sigh..

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