Sunday, May 17, 2009


Photography.. very obvious that for this post everything will be pictures alone. And maybe a description. Or two. XD

So, here it goes.

Fireworks at PICC, Putrajaya.

Mines Spa & Resort. Very brochure. Go visit Mines. Go

One of the places in Mines Wonderland

This is actually upside down. It looks more interesting n surreal this way.

Palace of Golden Horses

And now, the portraits ( Is that what they call it?) or photography with talent?

Depth of Field

Red riding Hood

Rule of Thirds

Leading Line

Foreground Frame

Shapes & Patterns



next pictures, had nothing to do with my assignments. It's not really good as well. But i like the effects from my accidental attempt in panning. This is just to expressed how cool it would be if the picture was done properly.

Models displaying gowns from Zang Toi at PICC b4 fireworks.

Yeah, that's all from photo department. There' s more but im sleepy. ahaha.

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