Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beta (1st Year) Sem 1: Character Animation

This is the first character animation that i did in 2d during my first year. This was actually done frame by frame and placed in ToonBoom with slight adjustments. We were asked to create a bouncing ball and then change the last few seconds to how ever we liked.

The next one is a mixmedia animation between hand drawn frame-by-frame animation with stop motion using a beginner dslr camera. We were required to create a character for our 2nd assignment after the bouncing ball and for our final we had to use our created character to make an animation. So, these are some sketches on my character's poses.

Meet Toka, the Toaster Cat.

Front, Side and profile angle

Toka's daily regime; drink cocoa, scratch ear and sitting down daydreaming..
I like the fat layers on his stomach..

This is Toka running, sleeping, resting on his back and sitting lookin up..

And these are the drawings that suppose to appear on stop motion animation of my toasted bread. Now here is the final product.It doesn't do much. Just dancing and toasting his bread friends. LOL. Enjoy!

I want an actual toaster cat.

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